The WECREATE | VIETNAM Business Solutions Series is made up of monthly interactive forums, business building workshops and experiential based training sessions. We provide you with the tools and resources to succeed while networking with local and global business leaders. Below you will find our current schedule of activities for 2015, 2016 and 2017. We look forward to welcoming you to our many Business Solutions Series events.

2016 October, 21

Bắt đầu khoá học Startyp Academy

Build-A-Business Workshop

Tư duy hình ảnh hiện thực hoá con đường khởi nghiệp với Sean Griffin

2016 November

25th – Hoàn tất ký kết “Chấm dứt bạo hành với phụ nữ”  – Paz y Desarrollo

17th – Build-A-Business Workshop

24th – Build-A-Business Workshop
Partner Presentation

2016 December

5th – Phỏng vấn StartUp Academy 

17th – Hội chợ Christmas Fun

18th – Build-A-Business Workshop

22nd – Build-A-Business Workshop

2017 January

5th   – Build-A-Business Workshop

10th – Startup Academy Buổi 1

17th – StartUp Academy Buổi 2

24th – StartUp Academy Buổi 3

16th – Tuần lễ trưng bày và bán hàng Tết

2017 February

7th – Startup Academy Buổi 4

14th – Startup Academy Buổi 5

16th – Build-A-Business Workshop

21st – Startup Academy Buổi 6

28th – Startup Academy Buổi 7

2017 March

4th  – Hội chợ Ngày Rơi Ví

7th  – Startup Academy Buổi 8

14th – Startup Academy Buổi 9

16th – Pitch O Rama

16th – Làm sao chọn đúng nghề cho con?

21st – Startup Academy Buổi 10

23rd – Build-A-Business Workshop

25th – Startup Academy Buổi 11

30th – Build-A-Business Workshop

2017 April, 4th

2nd – Đọc sách cùng Ô Xinh

4th  – Startup Academy Buổi 12

11th – Startup Academy Buổi 13

12th – Coaching chủ động dành cho cha mẹ

13th – Pitch O Rama

18th – Startup Academy Buổi 14

20th – Build-A-Business Workshop

21st  – Hội thảo trải nghiệm người dùng

25th – Startup Academy Buổi 15

2017 May

11th – Build-A-Business Workshop

12th – Hoàn tất đăng ký WECREATE

13th  – Phỏng vấn Startup Academy II

15th  – Kỹ năng lãnh đạo dành cho doanh nhân

16th  – Coaching chủ động dành cho cha mẹ

18th  – Pitch O Rama

26th  – Build-A-Business Workshop

27th  – Hội chợ Summer Safunny

2017 June

2nd and 3rd  – WECREATE Challenge Kickoff

13th  – Pitch O Rama

14th  – MBA & Business Coffee Talk “MBA có thể thay đổi cuộc đời bạn?”

15th  – Build-A-Business Workshop

20th  – Online Marketing cho các doanh nghiệp khởi nghiệp

22nd – Microsoft Office 365 Workshop

27th  – Build-A-Business Workshop

28th – Top 25 Judging Session

2017 July

Coaching/Judging WECREATE Challenge

14th – StartUp Academy II Buổi 1

20th – Build-A-Business Workshop

21st  – StartUp Academy II Buổi 2

25th  – StartUp Academy II Buổi 3

29th  – Hanoi Thriive Workshop

31st  – MBA & Business Coffee Talk “MBA có thể thay đổi cuộc đời bạn?”

2017 August

Coaching/Judging WECREATE Challenge

StartUp Academy II Sessions (4, 5, 6, 7)

Build-A-Business Workshop


2017 September, 5th

 Startup Academy FLIGHT II Celebration

WECREATE Challenge Coaching/Judging Session

StartUp Academy Flight III Campaign

2017 October

Build-A-Business Workshop

Coaching/Judging WECREATE Challenge

Startup Cup III Session 1

2017 November


Startup Academy III Sessions (2, 3, 4, 5)

Build-A-Business Workshop



GW Trip

2017 December

Startup Academy Sessions (6, 7, 8, 9)

Build-A-Business Workshop